Our Mission

The Mayor’s Workforce Development Board is designed to bridge the gap between jobseekers and employers. To do this, we must address the barriers that job seekers face in Detroit, including poverty, and help ensure every Detroiter seeking employment has access to training and the support necessary to find employment that pays a family-sustaining wage.

Our Vision

Every Detroiter seeking employment will have access to the training, education and supports necessary to gain a family-sustaining career.

Our Guiding Principles

  1. Use a data-driven approach to help identify needs and develop solutions for employment
  2. Bring scale, resources and capacity to the workforce system
  3. Ensure Detroiters are equity partners in Detroit’s revitalization
  4. Focus on economic growth for Detroit residents and businesses, and
  5. Prioritize employment as the underlying guidepost for all efforts

What is the Workforce Development Board?

The Mayor’s Workforce Development Board is a federally established entity charged with administering the public workforce system in Detroit. It works to understand the local labor market and employment picture for Detroit and create programs and strategies that connect Detroiters to jobs. The Board works with the public, private, nonprofit and education sectors to identify opportunities and address the barriers facing job seekers in Detroit.

At least 50% of the board membership must be employers, to help provide first hand knowledge of the local labor market. Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation (DESC) is the implementation and fiduciary arm for the Board.

The below diagram outlines the role the Mayor’s Workforce Development Board plays in Detroit’s public workforce ecosystem.