Career and Technical Education Centers

Detroit’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) strategy is a one-of-a-kind partnership between Detroit Public Schools Community District and Detroit at Work to create a pipeline into careers in high-growth industries for Detroit youth and adults. While DPSCD youth attend classes during the day, adults train in the evening, on weekends and during the summer through Detroit at Work training programs.

In the Fall of 2017, Randolph Career and Technical Center was re-launched to provide industry standard training in high-wage, high-need building and construction trades for youth and adults. Breithaupt Career and Technical Center followed in Summer 2019 to link career pathways in automotive, manufacturing, hospitality, customer service, and welding.

Program enhancements include:

  • Enhanced high school CTE courses
  • Adult training programs in the evening, on weekends and during the summer
  • Building and classroom improvements
  • Learning lab for contextualized basic skills
  • New employer and union partnerships for mentors, training, classroom sponsorships and career exposure
  • Wrap-around and support services
  • Apprenticeship and community college partnerships
Krista McKinney-King, Principal at Randolph

Randolph Career Tech is a phenomenal community of learners! Our mission is to intentionally link academic and technical skills with employability so students can flourish in the skilled trades, engineering, and business industries. While concurrently developing an entrepreneurial mindset, our students explore, select, and pursue career pathways that lead to post-secondary options; including entering the workforce, pursuing apprentice training, and enrolling in a 2-year community college or 4-year university.

–Krista McKinney-King

Principal; Randolph Career Technical Center

A Community Effort for All Detroiters