Free Press: The first Apple Developer Academy hosts first graduation in Detroit

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Over a year ago, 100 students from across Detroit signed up for Apple Developer Academy — the first of its type in the country. On Thursday, they graduated with endless opportunities. Some will be going to college at MSU in the fall, new apps in development, or even taking on jobs at places like General Motors.

On hand to congratulate students were Michigan State University President Samuel L. Stanley and Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan. Stanley says that Detroit is on the rise in being a high-tech center. “It’s a great program that really addresses a number of issues that we face as a society and does it in a microcosm of what’s happening in Detroit, and a city that’s really on the rise, but really believes and wants to be more of a high tech center.” Duggan congratulated students on their accomplishments. “Think about the impact you’re going to have as we go forward an create more and more opportunities,” Duggan said.

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