MI CHRONICLE: Mayor Duggan: 2024 Budget Reflects Detroit’s Resilient Economy, Investments

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I’m extremely proud of the work of our Chief Financial Officer and our department heads to have the discipline to still provide vital services within our available budget during the challenging past two years,” said Mayor Mike Duggan.  “Their efforts have kept the City out of state financial oversight while making sure residents still could rely on City government during this pandemic. Now, we are in a position to again invest in our employees, retirees and neighborhoods.” “The FY24 budget has been 10 years in the making.  Its foundation is the commitment and tenacity shown by City Council and the Mayor. It has helped to build an economic base that has allowed the City to weather a pandemic, to assure services to City residents that protects and improves their opportunities, and to assure financial stability needed to honor promises to both City retirees and residents.   Despite the risk of a projected mild national recession, these past efforts have allowed the presentation of the 10th year of a balance budget and will protect the City from those risks,” said Rising.

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