MICHIGAN CHRONICLE: Black Developers Are Catalysts of Change in the City’s Reawakening

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In the heart of Detroit, a city celebrated for its predominantly Black population, a powerful transformation is underway. It’s a narrative where Black developers, like the Bagley Development Group, play a pivotal role in reshaping Detroit’s identity.

Detroit, one of the Blackest cities in America, stands as a testament to Black excellence. Yet, the reality of excellence for many Detroiters, especially in downtown Detroit, has long been marred by exorbitant rent rates that even affordable housing can’t fully alleviate.

The Bagley Development Group has taken the challenge upon themselves to rewrite this narrative. Their mission transcends the restoration of historic landmarks; it’s about breathing new life into a city while preserving its soul.


For more: https://michiganchronicle.com/2023/09/11/black-developers-are-catalysts-of-change-in-the-citys-reawakening/


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